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Watch Anthony Bourdain Feast on Khachapuri on the Next 'Parts Unknown'

Welcome to a traditional Georgian supra

Season seven of Parts Unknown is underway, and Anthony Bourdain has already trekked to the Phillippines, Greece, Chicago, and Montana. On the next episode, your fantasy BFF heads to Georgia (the former Soviet nation, not the U.S. state) to experience a traditional feast known as a supra.

The centerpiece of the meal is a whole pig broken down into all its glorious parts, and perhaps the finest drunk food you've never heard of: khachapuri, a traditional Georgian cheese bread. Three different versions served at this particular supra involve beet greens, potatoes, and cabbage, though an iteration topped with a runny-yolked egg is also popular. (Khachapuri has also made cameos in a number of famous Hollywood films, or so Instagram would have you believe.)

The feast also includes homemade wine drunk in a seemingly never-ending succession of toasts, leading to one of Bourdain's favorite pastimes on Parts Unknown: getting really drunk. The Georgia episode debuts Sunday evening on CNN.

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