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Find Traditional Honduran Street Food in an Old Gas Station in Austin

Try the banana soda too

This episode of Dining on a Dime: Austin takes host Lucas Peterson to the site of an old gas station in the East Riverside neighborhood to enjoy a cuisine he’s never tried before: Honduran food.

Sabor a Honduras began as a way for its homesick owners to enjoy a taste of their homeland: It's street food that will seem familiar to connoisseurs of Mexican and other Central American food, but has its own distinct character and flavors. The baleada is a staple of Honduran cuisine — a large flour tortilla filled with fried beans, cheese, and crema. The tacos catrachos are another Honduran specialty, tortillas that are stuffed with meat, rolled up, and deep fried to resemble large flautas. Peterson chats with the friendly owner and has an amazing meal punctuated with an interesting beverage choice — and a close call with some angry birds!

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