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Amazon Restaurant Delivery Launches in NYC, Dallas

The service will remain free for all Prime subscribers


Online retail giant Amazon continues to wade into the restaurant-delivery waters. The company announced Prime Now restaurant delivery is now available in Manhattan and Dallas, with more cities to come. The service is currently live in both locales.

Now Amazon is making a move that could result in an advantage over competitors in the burgeoning market. The company announced Tuesday morning it will permanently waive all delivery fees, becoming the first in its class to do so.

Amazon first began testing its Prime Now restaurant service last August in Seattle. It's since expanded to 10 cities across the country. Prime Now has been operating without delivery fees, but the company had said it was meant to be a limited-time deal. Instead, because of this news and Amazon's lack of upselling menu items, meals ordered through Prime Now will always come at the same price as if a patron were to dine in at a restaurant.

While Prime Now restaurant delivery will operate fee-free henceforth, it does require an Amazon Prime subscription to use the service; that checks in at $99 per year. Prime Now restaurant delivery is a good deal for Prime subscribers, but it doesn't come as cheap for the restaurants that partner with Amazon.