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Watch: The Story Behind Pop Culture-Inspired Ice Cream

Find it in Manhattan

In a small ice cream shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Michael Cole is serving up scoops that attract locals and famous faces alike. This video from Great Big Story tells how Mikey Likes It Ice Cream came to be.

Cole's road to becoming a frozen dessert success story began when he was caught selling drugs as a young man. After a six-month stint in jail, he decided to change his ways and promised his mother a life of crime would not be in his future. Now, Cole's ice cream is a staple in New York City.

"This is pop culture-inspired ice cream," Cole says in the video. With names such as "Ice Ice Baby," "Pink Floyd," and "Truffle Shuffle," his take on the sweet treat has drawn visits from rapper Future, NBA star Joakim Noah, and presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton. Clinton stopped by in April and couldn't resist eating a sundae in the shop.

Watch the above video and see why everyone seems to like Mikey Likes It.