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The age-old question "Is food art?" is always up for debate, but uncannily realistic Lego versions of food certainly qualify as art. A Japan-based artist known only as Tary is currently delighting the internet with his blocky renditions of favorite foods from bento boxes to burgers, reports RocketNews.

Here's a Lego bento box, complete with chopsticks that actually look usable:

A miniature burger, complete with all the appropriate garnishes and a side of fries:

This awesome rendition of shrimp tempura over rice won a prize, unsurprisingly:

Here's his version of katsudon, a popular dish that involves a deep-fried pork chop over rice:

And to conclude the meal, a light fruit dessert topped with whipped cream and a cherry:

In other intricate, culinary-themed Lego projects by way of Japan, another artist recently built a mini sushi restaurant with a working conveyor belt. For those who prefer to spend their leisure time on Lego creations that are actually edible, how about building a desktop McDonald's fries dispenser or perhaps a coin-operated McNugget machine? And in more mass-marketed options, Lego sells an official Simpsons Kwik-E Mart set as well as a generic "Parisian restaurant" kit complete with Lego croissants and a Champagne saber.