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America is home to no shortage of fierce regional food rivalries: Detroiters argue over which restaurant makes the best coney dog and Minnesotans declare allegiance to any one of a number of places that claim to have invented the cheese-filled Juicy Lucy burger, just to name a couple. In Prescott, Arizona, residents are split on who makes the best tamales, and Alton Brown is here to settle the argument once and for all with a blind taste test.

Unlike some of Alton's other recent stunts captured on video, such as the souped-up Easy Bake oven with lights so bright they can be seen from outer space, this one is decidedly low-tech — just a man, his tamales, and a blindfold.

Tamales aren't the only regional specialty Brown is taking on via blind taste tests as a side project during his Eat Your Science tour: While in Chicago, he tasted two of the city's most famous Italian beef sandwiches, and on his visit to Nashville he declared one of Nashville's famed hot chicken purveyors a winner.

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