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Nike and Krispy Kreme Collaborate on Doughnut-Inspired Sneaker Truck

The Ky-rispy Kreme truck peddles limited-edition basketball shoes

QREW Sneakers/Facebook

Do you like doughnuts? Do you prefer your fried dough to come from Krispy Kreme? Do you like Nike? Do you enjoy watching basketball? Are you a fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers? Do you like Kyrie Irving? Do you love food trucks? Do you collect limited edition sneakers? Do you already own a pair of Kyrie 2s? Do you wish you had another pair? Do you wish that pair were colored red, green, and white? Is your wardrobe already filled with bacon scarves and Pizza Hut swag? Do you live in Cleveland, Baltimore, Harlem, or Brooklyn? Do you like puns?

Than keep an eye out for the Kyrie 2 collaboration Ky-rispy Kreme truck, rolling your way with fancy sneakers packed into doughnut boxes.

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