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How to Make Beautiful, Crystal-Clear Juice

The perfect addition to a cocktail

While clumpy, lumpy juice may seem like it's more natural or unprocessed than its alternatives, nothing is more visually stunning – alone or in a cocktail — than crystal clear, translucent juice. Today our friends at ChefSteps, a food and technology company based out of Seattle, share the simple process (only one ingredient! aside from the juice) to creating show-stoppingly clear juices, with nothing extra to cloud their fruity flavors.

The secret addition is Pectinex, a mix of enzymes that works to separate the bitter lumps of pectin and cellulose clumps from the juice (read more from ChefSteps about the ingredient here). After a brief stint sitting, while the Pectinex does it's job, the juice is strained through a fine filter, yielding the perfect addition to a mimosa, or to drink straight from the glass.

Watch the video above for a visual how-to with ChefSteps co-founder Grant Crilly; for a written "recipe," click here.

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