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Shake Shack's New Burger; Drake and Jimmy Fallon Take Whiskey Shots

Five things to know before the weekend

Eater NY

The weekend is almost here. Consider bookmarking a recipe to try out: Perhaps this one from Ruth Reichl for shirred eggs atop softly whipped potatoes? Floyd Cardoz's grilled shrimp with fennel would make easy work of a weekend cookout. And this no-bake chocolate cake is easy and Prince William's favorite.

— Shake Shack's newest menu item will be a bacon cheddar Shack burger, which CEO Randy Garutti described as "a classic cheeseburger topped with all-natural bacon, and melted, aged cheddar cheese sauce," retailing for $6.89.

— Jay Rayner, the blustery, occasionally foul-mouthed restaurant critic at the Observersat down for an interview to discuss his forthcoming book and live show. On his biggest pet peeve:

Serving food on anything that isn't a plate. It started with slabs of slate. Why would you want to eat off from one of those? It's cold, the scrape of the cutlery, the sauce dribbles off the edge, they are horrible - plates are marvellous. This desire by chefs to serve food in unusual things: in mini baskets or cocktails in jam jars. It just drives me nuts!

— Is Guy Fieri fanfic cosplay just as ridiculous, less ridiculous, or more ridiculous then the man himself?

— The new Bob's Burgers Cookbook has hit the best-seller listCheck out our preview of the book here.

— Finally, watch Drake and Jimmy Fallon do shots of Drake's new whiskey:

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