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Watch Stephen Colbert Sing for His Pie

Jessie Mueller, star of Broadway's 'Waitress' musical, was the guest on last night's show

Stephen Colbert is a man of many obsessions. One of those is pie. Last night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Tony Award-nominated actress Jessie Mueller stopped by. Mueller currently stars in Waitress, a Broadway adaptation of the 2007 film about a pie-baking waitress in a small town. On the show she reveals how the production gets the whole theater to smell like pie. "They literally bake a pie in the lobby..." Mueller explains. "They had talked for awhile about how we should have the smell of pie in the theater. I thought they were going to have like a candle, or someone with a scratch and sniff... but no, someone put an oven in there." Colbert wonders how the smell permeates the whole space, "They blow the smell of pie into...?" Mueller then says, "They don't even have to blow it, it just comes."

Later in the segment Colbert cajoles Mueller into singing a Carole King duet over a slice of perfect pecan pie.