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Watch This Journalist Literally Eat His Words About Donald Trump

That's what happened to a Washington Post columnist

The 2016 United States presidential election cycle has turned conventional political wisdom upside down, thanks in large part to presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. With a history of racist, bombastic statements; lack of government experience; and general "surely this guy isn't serious" demeanor, no one gave Trump much of a chance. Oops.

One political pundit who was among the many Trump doubters is eating his words —€” and that's not a figure of speech. Dana Milbank, a columnist for the Washington Post, recently had a meal prepared from some of published writings on the Donald. Chef Victor Albisu of Del Campo in Washington, D.C., prepared a nine-course feast, and Milbank owned up to the promise of eating one of his columns if Trump were to become the nominee.

The idea of eating newsprint, even if it's dressed up by a professional chef, is pretty unappealing. Although, it might be preferable to what Trump himself enjoys on a regular basis.