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Burger King in Finland Offers Whoppers and Spa Experience

What's better than kicking back with a bag full of Burger King?


A Burger King in Finland just opened a sauna where guests can order in meals from the restaurant, according to Metro. Because what's better than fast food at promoting total relaxation?

The location in Helsinki features a full-service 15-person sauna, a laundry room, toilet, a dressing room, and a media lounge. The sauna, which is the work of a prominent Finnish designer, Teuvo Lomanin, is equipped with a big-screen TV and audio system, as well as a Playstation 4. Inside the sauna, guests can place orders with servers and consume the full range of Burger King's menu while kicking back for a steam.

This Burger King location can accommodate groups, parties, and more in this sauna setup, and the BK Sauna is even outfitted with branded towels and robes, according to Business Insider. Be warned though: if the allure of sauna dining appeals, be prepared to shell out €250 (or $284.49) for a 3-hour time slot in the BK lounge.

Burger King is not the first fast-food restaurant to adopt unconventional methods for luring customers: a massive McDonald's in Florida, known as an "entertainment restaurant," opened last year, featuring arcade games, easy-order technology, and an "open design kitchen" with a wood-fired oven for making pizzas and pasta.

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