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Tom Colicchio Out at MSNBC; Neko Atsume Cookies

Five things to know today

The bar at Tapestry, the new restaurant from NY-based chef Suvir Saran
The bar at Tapestry, the new restaurant from NY-based chef Suvir Saran
Nick Solares/Eater

Happy day-before-Friday, humans, food lovers, Eater readers. It took less than 24 hours for Donald Trump to take credit for Budweiser's new 'America' beer. The famous teetotaler heads to Washington today. Perhaps he'll make time to stop by for a chat with DC-based chef José Andrés? Then again, perhaps not. In other news: Tom Brady's cookbook sold out, somehow? MSNBC sort of fired its first ever food correspondent; Burger King's new Whopper Dogs are like a bizarre incestual mash-up only a fast food restaurant would think up; and more.

— Remember that complicated cookbook NFL star Tom Brady was selling on his website for a whopping $200? It has sold out, according to ESPN. Of note, though it contains recipes, "Tom does not want it to be called a cookbook. It is a 'nutrition manual.'" Ok, Tom, whatever you say Tom.

— Speaking of Toms: Just over a year after he was named MSNBC's first ever food correspondent, Top Chef judge Tom Colicchio is out, AdAge reports. The network apparently filmed an interview segment titled "Everyone Eats," and a video series called "Stirring the Pot" with Colicchio. Neither aired.

— This was probably inevitable, but it's still upsetting:

— Are you a Neko Atsume addict? The interactive cat game has attracted fans across the globe, and now Neko Atsume cookies are available in Japan, RocketNews 24 reports. Perhaps an industrious bakery in the U.S. will see a marketing opportunity here as well.

— Finally, have you seen these adorable little piggy dumplings?