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Beard Gummies Are Way More Fun Than Bear Gummies

Beard gummies > gummy bears


Forget gummy bears — beards are what's up (warning: That link is intense). Ferrara Candy Company and 7-Eleven are bringing the world "weirdly awesome" Trolli Sour Brite Weird Beards, sour gummis shaped like pro basketball player James Harden's iconic bearded head. The beard gummis come in all the best flavors, which, as always, have more to do with colors and less to do with flavors in the natural world: red/yellow, pink/blue, and orange/green.

"Weird Beards will help us reach our current fans in a fun way, and grab the attention of the Generation Z and Millennial Trolli fans who shop at 7-Eleven," says Ferrara Candy brand manager Allison Wyrwicz. Consider their attention grabbed.

The beard gummis are only on sale through June 30, coinciding with the national basketball playoffs. Unfortunately, Harden and his team, the Houston Rockets, have already been knocked out of the running. Regardless, they're on sale now if you're a Harden fan or you just like the idea of chewing on beards.

Update: 5/17/2016 In an email, Legend publicist Kelly Jones said after June 30, Weird Beard gummies sales will continue nationwide at additional retailers.