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TipsForJesus Drops a $1,500 Tip at Yankee Stadium

And there could be a return visit

Yankee Stadium.
Yankee Stadium.
Wikimedia Commons

The anonymous mega-tippers behind famed Instagram account TipsForJesus are at it again. Less than a month after leaving an eye-popping gratuity in San Francisco, the philanthropic diners have followed suit at New York's Yankee Stadium. The most recent charitable act, revealed on Instagram Tuesday, came in the form of a $1,500 tip left on a $52 tap.

Javier is the best! Giants vs. Yankees in July. #bethere #godbless #tipsforjesus

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It appears someone named Javier, a server at the Bronx ballpark, is one lucky fellow. And if messages left on the receipt and Instagram post are any indication, another member of the stadium's hospitality staff could be in line for a big pay day this summer. It looks like the apparent Giants fans will return to the Big Apple when the team meets the Yankees for three games in July. No doubt, every stadium employee will be looking to work extra hours during that series.