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Watch: A Tour of the White House Kitchen Garden

This is the garden that inspired the Let’s Move campaign

First Lady Michelle Obama planted the White House kitchen garden in 2009 in an effort to spark a national conversation around health and wellness, and it has since become a centerpiece in her Let's Move campaign. In addition to providing fresh produce to the White House kitchen, the garden has blossomed over the last seven years to become a learning destination for local DC schoolchildren and visiting students from across the US; as a hands-on environmental classroom, the garden is host to many guests and lessons throughout the year focused on nutrition and healthy choices.

Watch the video above to join the Eater team on a private tour of the garden — including the newly planted turnip crop — led by Deb Eschmeyer and Kelly Miterko, executive and deputy directors respectively of Let’s Move.

To learn more about the Let's Move campaign, click here.

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