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Watch: Bernie Sanders and Stephen Colbert Beat the Odds Against a Faulty Vending Machine

'You've got to rock the system'

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is a longshot to win the Democratic nomination for president in 2016, but the candidate and his supporters aren't giving up the fight. Turns out, the Sanders campaign can be looked to for inspiration in all sorts of tough situations — such as when that candy bar you just paid for won't drop from its vending machine slot. That exact situation played out on The Late Show Monday night.

In the above clip, not only does host Stephen Colbert see his desired snack refuse to release, he also gets his hand stuck in the vending machine while trying to rescue it. That's when Sanders comes along to offer a few words of advice.

"You've got to believe, Stephen," the senator proclaims. "You can't give up on that contested confection. You've gotta rock the system."

In the end, Colbert gets what he wants. But as is the case with many of Sanders's policy ideas, it doesn't come without a price.