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Benedictine Monks Make Some of the World’s Hottest Hot Sauce

A monk's life

"I don't think there is a contradiction between a simple life and a spicy food," muses Father Richard Walz, one of the Benedictine monks behind Monk Sauce, in a video by Great Big Story. The spicy habanero pepper hot sauce is made by monks at Arkansas' Subiaco Abbey.

"A good monk is a good balance between prayer and work," says Walz. "I suspect that a lot of people have kind of fanciful ideas about monks and what they do. And they get in to the monastery and they find out that monks are very much like everybody else." Watch the video for a closer look at how these monks bring the heat.

At least there's proof this hot sauce is made by actual monks. Last month AB InBev was sued for marketing Leffe beer as if it was made in a monastery by monks. It is not, but AB InBev stands by its marketing: "We believe that the labels on Leffe are accurate and will vigorously defend our company against the lawsuit."

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