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London Entrepreneur Turns Old Phone Booth Into Salad Shop

Your lunch is calling

Ben Spier of Spier's Salads
Ben Spier of Spier's Salads
Spier's Salads

Spier's Salads is the new kid on the block of London's wacky pop-up dining scene. Ben Spier has taken his business to the streets, running his on-the-go salad shop out of one of the city's iconic and virtually unused red telephone booths, Tech Insider reports.

The city's booths have halved in number over the past 14 years, and only 48,000 remain today. Spier decided to change the fate of at least one of them and partnered with another business, Red Kiosk Company, to revamp an old booth into a mega-refrigerator. The company allows entrepreneurs to rent a refurbished telephone booth (i.e. "personal office space") for just $29 a month. Spier's booth sits in Bloomsbury Square, one of London's garden squares. Two days a week, Spier sells five different kinds of hearty salads, each made with organic, seasonal, and locally-sourced ingredients, of course.

What will this spawn, in the age of viral pop-up ventures? London seems to have a penchant for them, with its Star Wars dinners, dog bars, and canned seafood only restaurants. And lest you forget the double decker bus pizzeria, this isn't the first time London business owners have transformed the city's icons into restaurants.