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Making Cheese Curds At Home Is Not Impossible

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Squeaky, salty success

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Of all of the feats for a home cook to conquer, making cheese is one of the most daunting. Between rennet choices, scientific-sounding culture strains, and the sheer time commitment, it often makes sense to leave caseiculture (aka "cheesemaking") to the professionals. But thanks to our friends at ChefSteps, homemade cheese in its most snackable — and squeakiest — form is well within reach. That's right: with a little guidance and the will to succeed, you can make your own cheese curds.

Inspired by Beecher's Handmade Cheese, a company that got its start just down the block from ChefSteps at Seattle's Pike Place Market, Grant Crilly and the rest of the team set out to develop a replicable recipe imbued with a manageable level of science. The results, per a taste test with Beecher's founder Kurt Beecher Dammeier, are nearly professional-grade. Find the full recipe, and more squeaky tips from ChefSteps, here.

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