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Concentrated Beer Drops Aim to Make Cheap Beer Taste Less Cheap

The perfect gift for the frat boy in your life?

Mad Hops

Don't like the taste of cheap beer? Logic would dictate that you should just drink less so you can spring for a better-quality brew, but that's no fun! Thankfully, some enterprising drinkers have created concentrated drops that will allegedly make cheap mass-market swill taste more like craft beer.

The creators of Mad Hops, who just launched a $25,000 Kickstarter to fund production, claim you only need a few drops to drastically improve the taste of a 12-ounce beer. The product "uses craft beer ingredients like hop oils, bittering and malt to elevate the base beer flavor and then mixes in some popular flavorings to upgrade the color, aroma and taste," with the aim of "deliver[ing] a satisfying craft beer experience at a fraction of the price." The drops come in six flavors, including Pale Ale, Irish Porter, and oddly, Mexican Lime (how using the drops is supposed to be superior to just squeezing a lime wedge in your drink isn't quite made clear).

The makers of Mad Hops seem to have overlooked one major issue, which is that people who drink Bud Light on the regular probably don't really care how their beer tastes — and craft brewers probably won't be too pleased at the company's suggestion that people purchase a product to disguise the taste of mass-market beer instead of just supporting independent brewers.

Watch Mad Hops try to convince you to give them money in their Kickstarter video, below:

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