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Drink Bone Broth for Breakfast Instead of Coffee

Stock? Bone broth? Either way it's a hit

It reads like the perfect storm of food item appeal: soaking otherwise toss-able animal bones in water (sustainability: check) to create a nutrient-rich brew (paleo-friendly: check) for sale in paper to-go cups out of a window in the East Village (trendy and accessible: check and double check). Such was the initial appeal of bone broth, or brodo, when Marco Canora began selling it out of an unused window in his restaurant in 2014. But the fad has taken off since the early days at Hearth, and now boasts a loyal following of drinkers who eschew their afternoon coffee break in favor of a brodo run.

This week on The Meat Show, resident carnivore and host Nick Solares peeks behind the rise of bone broth’s star into the kitchen at Hearth, to learn how Canora's signature mix is made. Watch the video above to learn exactly what goes into each sippable soup cup.

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