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William Thomas Cain/Getty Images

More often photographed behind a podium than a dinner table, presidential candidates still need fuel to get them through marathon debates, rallies, and campaign events. For Bernie Sanders, that fuel comes in the form of everything from pineapple and Raisin Bran to tandoori pork and prime rib.

According to a piece in the Washington Post about the eating habits of the Democratic candidate from Vermont, the shouty disheveled Grandpa has been known to imbibe in healthy smoothies, nutty snacks, and assorted fruits and salads while on the road. At home, he's apparently known for stocking locally raised meat, grilling when he can, and frequenting his favorite Burlington establishments.

The candidate is said to enjoy quality food, but he does not get overly wrapped up in reviews or openings, according to his stepdaughter. While he used to go for heavier treats like cheesecake late at night, he appears to have transitioned to healthier items like turkey sandwiches and fruit.

Sanders also has inspired a lineup of campaign-related foods, including "Feel the Bern" hot sauce and a "Bernie Weisse" beer. Additionally, he has his own limited-release flavor of Ben & Jerry's ice cream and a "burger" (that's actually a hummus wrap) named after him at a New Jersey restaurant.