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Restaurant WaitList App Now Offers Mobile Pay, Too

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An app designed to provide customers an easier way to get their names on a waiting list plans to expand its repertoire, according to TechCrunch. Nowait, which allows customers to remotely put themselves in line for a table at a restaurant, is known for its help with pre-meal processes, but now, it's getting into the post-meal payment process, too.

Nowait is a dual-purpose app designed to help restaurants manage reservations (or walk-ins, for places that don't take reservations) and help guests avoid extensive wait times at restaurants.

Its new service will incorporate the increasingly popular mobile pay feature available on iOS and Android systems, letting customers pay through their app, add a tip, and check out faster. The company has been testing the payment system in Pittsburgh, where it is based.

The projected impact, according to the company, is decreased wait times at the end of meals, faster table turnover, and perhaps even higher tips for wait staff, as restaurants will be able to customize the suggested tip amounts customers can add to the bill, TechCrunch reported.

This is not the first mobile app to merge restaurant-related functions. Allset, which targets lunchtime diners, allows users to find available tables, invite friends to join, reserve the table, and even pay when they're done, streamlining the working lunch to maximize a person's time. Meanwhile, apps like Never Eat AloneOff the Menu, and more provide dining buddies, access to secret menus and facilitate connections between restaurants and customers.