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Whole Foods Opens its First 365 Store on May 25

This new, less-expensive brand debuts in Los Angeles

365 by Whole Foods rendering
365 by Whole Foods rendering

The first-ever 365 by Whole Foods grocery store will debut in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles on May 25, according to a release. As promised, this new brand will target those looking for a less expensive source for healthy foods. It's Whole Foods way of challenging those who say it costs a "whole paycheck" to shop there.

Whole Foods announced its plans for this new lineup of stores last May. Each new location will incorporate the company's "Friends of 365" initiative, featuring in-store partnerships with a range of food retailers, vendors, and more. Whole Foods has gradually revealed details about the types of businesses it hopes to incorporate into each store's environment, ranging from startups to tattoo parlors.

While customers won't be able to indulge in body ink at Silver Lake's location, they will be able to find products from the New York-based vegan restaurant By Chloe (stylized as by CHLOE), Allegro Coffee Company, and teaBOT, a self-serve, personalized tea kiosk.

Expect to see Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value products lining the shelves, along with a "curated mix of products" from other sources. Thanks to Whole Foods new partnership with Instacart, consumers will be able to order groceries online as well.

Whole Foods' sales have declined recently, so the company is hoping these new stores may give it a boost. A 365 store will open in Lake Oswego, Ore. this summer; another hits Bellevue, Wash. this August.