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You Can Stay at Julia Child's French Cottage for a Mere $600 a Night

The original kitchen is still intact, too

La Peetch/Facebook

Attention food nerds, here's your dream vacation: Julia Child's vacation house in the French countryside is now available for renting via Airbnb, reports PureWow. For $610 a night, you can stay in the quaint stone cottage, complete with a garden, a terrace, and the original kitchen that Child herself cooked in.

The Provence cottage was built by the late culinary icon and her husband Paul in 1963; in 1993 the house — which Child dubbed "La Pitchoune," or "the little one" — was sold and became a cooking school, and last year it changed hands again. Its new owner is a life coach who plans to transform it into a cooking and yoga retreat, but in the off-season it will be rented out for overnight stays.

As the Airbnb listing details, a replica of this very kitchen is housed in the Smithsonian. Culinary treasure that it is, the house's owner will be taking measures to ensure it maintains its integrity: "There is a drop camera in the kitchen to ensure that the utensils of near priceless value aren't removed," though the owner promises "No footage will be kept longer than the duration of your stay." Time to grab your dog-eared copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking and start planning that fantasy getaway — if you can afford it: There's a five-night minimum.