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Domino’s Ups the Ante With ‘Zero-Clicks’ Ordering App

The race to be the tech-savviest pizza chain continues

Domino's Zero Click app
Domino's Zero Click app

Domino's has announced a new app that makes it easier than ever to order a pizza, "zero clicks" (or pizza emojis) required. As detailed by an 18-second YouTube video uploaded yesterday by the pizza chain (and reported on by The Verge), customers can place their "Easy Order" simply by opening the app — so, technically, there's at least one click required, to open the app.

From The Verge:

The process isn't quite hassle-free. To order a pizza with "zero clicks," a customer must first download the app, connect it to their Domino's profile, and set an "Easy Order" option—you know, the go-to pizza you'd order regularly enough to warrant a dedicated app.

The move is the latest in a slew of attempts to seemingly one-up the chain's main rival Pizza Hut, which introduced hands-free ordering (via "connected car") last year and began testing eye-tracking software on tablet menus in the UK in 2014.

Last year, Domino's launched a system wherein users could simply tweet a pizza emoji at the restaurant to place an order (which turned out to be far less seamless than advertised). In February, the chain announced its Easy Order system would be accessible via Apple Watch. Customers can also order Domino's via Siri, Amazon Echo and Samsung Smart TV, making this latest endeavor more of the same, really, but with even less clicks — which begs the question: Less clicks, less problems? We doubt it.