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Watch How Viennetta, the Fanciest Ice Cream Cake of the 90s, Is Made


Remember Viennetta, the most distinguished ice cream cake of the 90s? Possibly the fanciest thing to ever be sold in your grocer's freezer aisle, the commercials featured impeccably manicured hands slicing and serving the layered confection from an expensive-looking silver platter into coupe glasses arguably better suited for Dom Perignon than a mass-produced frozen dessert from Breyers. A suave voiceover relayed the product's tagline: "One slice is never enough."

Sadly, this frozen treasure is no longer sold in the U.S., though it is alive and well in some parts of Europe including the UK. However, now you can at least see how it's made: As this video shot in a Viennetta production facility shows, it involves endless cascades of intricate ice cream ruffles and layers of chocolate sauce riding down a conveyor belt before being sliced into loaf-like cakes, packaged into bags and boxes, and labelled. Unfortunately the video won't help you make one at home, unless of course you have a food scientist, a mechanical engineer, and hundreds of thousands of dollars at the ready. (Thankfully, there are internet recipes for such things.)