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Taco Bell Launches Ordering via Slack, Workaholics Rejoice

Get chalupas at your desk just by typing a few commands

Taco Bot

Further proof that The Man is conspiring to keep you chained to your desk like a good worker bee: Taco Bell has unveiled a "TacoBot" to take delivery orders via company chat rooms, meaning there's no longer any need to leave the office to get a Quesarito fix.

TacoBot is a new feature integrated with Slack, a real-time messaging app used by workplaces — why yes, including Vox Media! — to facilitate communication between co-workers (complete with emojis and GIFs galore). TacoBot enables Slack users to order select food from local Taco Bell locations without ever leaving the app, or their desk chair; hungry workers just have engage with with bot by using the "TacoBot" command, and can then order by using normal, conversational language.

Will people at Slack-less companies suddenly begin petitioning their employers to get on board so they can indulge in Doritos Locos tacos at their desk? Robots might suck at being restaurant servers, but they at least seem decent at taking orders for gorditas; at any rate, TacoBot's got to be more efficient than ordering pizza via Twitter.

Behold the TacoBot in action:

TacoBot Gif