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Watch: Preparing a Tiny Plate of Mac and Cheese

The tiny food movement continues

When it comes to comfort foods such as macaroni and cheese, it's best not to pay attention to the nutritional information. So what's a diner to do if they're health-conscious but in need of a bowl of warm feelings? Perhaps a tiny version of mac and cheese is in order. This video shows good things can, in fact, come in small packages.

Five small macaroni noodles is all it takes for this tiny portion. Once they've been cooked on the candle-burning stove, a cheese sauce is made with oh-so-small amounts of butter, flower, milk, and cheddar. Instead of simply dumping the sauce on the noodles, the macaroni is chopped and then mixed with the cheese, which makes for much better presentation in this minuscule context.

While this might be a nice treat for someone who can eat only thimble-sized meals or is on an ill-advised diet, it isn't going to satisfy most mac-and-cheese-loving Americans.