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Rapper The Game Is the Latest Celebrity to Launch a Line of Weed Products

Brace for cannabis-infused lemonade in three flavors

The Game/Facebook

Celebrity weed is the new celebrity wine: As more states legalize marijuana, famous people from Willie Nelson to Whoopi Goldberg are debuting their own brands of pot products. The latest celeb to enter the cannabis sphere is rapper The Game, reports Billboard.

The rapper is partnering with a California company called G Farma Brands to launch a line of marijuana-infused beverages called G Drinks, "lemonade beverages in flavors of original, pink, and strawberry, infused with the company's Liquid Gold cannabis oil." (For those who would like a smoke along with their drink, there will also be a line of "cone-shaped cannabis cigarettes" — uh, joints? — called G Stiks.) G Drinks will be available at dispensaries throughout California and Washington state.

Options abound for those who want to get a dose of THC without actually lighting up, from THC-spiked pizzas to weed-infused coffee in the form of K-cups. At one point Colorado considered banning edibles, but ultimately decided to keep them legal as long as they look different from regular food.