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But Why: M&M's Just Released a Spicy 'Chili Nut' M&M

Sometimes you feel like a nut


Good news for fans of the annual Lays potato chip flavor contest (you know, that one that makes it perfectly acceptable to take down an entire bag of reuben-flavored fried potatoes) — Mars has launched a similar contest, this one involving chocolate.

To piggyback on presidential election season (which is, arguably, full of nuts already), the company has released four M&M's "candidates" in varying spicy and sweet iterations: Chili Nut, Honey Nut, Coffee Nut, and Original Peanut. From now until June 17, consumers are asked to taste each variety and vote for their favorite via the M&M's Facebook page or by texting the word "vote" to 87654. The winning flavor will be deemed "America's Favorite Peanut" and available beginning this August.

According to Kotaku, the Coffee Nut variety is the best. Resident test taster Snacktaku describes it as "a wonderful marriage of dark and bitter and bright and sweet." As for the Chili Nut, "There's no difference to the overall taste. It's just peanut M&M's plus heat."