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Tokyo's Sailor Moon Pop-Up Serves Pink Burgers and Star-Shaped Tater Tots

Tastes like nostalgia

The Chibiusa Cafe

Like it or not, burgers with pink buns are apparently not an isolated incident: The latest restaurant to serve this strange-looking food is a Sailor Moon-themed pop-up restaurant in Tokyo, reports RocketNews 24. Opening April 16 at the Roppongi Hills complex right alongside a Sailor Moon art exhibit, The Chibiusa Cafe will cater to die-hard fans of the iconic 90s anime series with themed food and drink, and the creators have gone to painstaking measures to make sure their menu measures up for nostalgic anime lovers.

The Sailor Moon Special Hamburger not only features a pink bun decorated to look exactly like the titular character's signature pink star emblem, but also comes accompanied by star-shaped fried potatoes. Then there's the hilariously named Tuxedo Mask’s Nihilistic Pasta, with a mask-shaped pastry on the side; a berry mousse dessert is designed to look exactly like Luna, Sailor Moon's loyal feline sidekick. Wash it all down with an Evil Black Crystal Cocktail, or stick with the protagonists and enjoy one of five different colored Sailor Senshi Beauty Juice drinks.

Tokyo is certainly no stranger to colorful, cartoon-inspired pop-up restaurants: Last year a My Little Pony cafe popped up serving pastel pancakes and pony latte art.

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