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Watch Gabrielle Hamilton Fry Crispy Sardine Spines

'The most delicious french that you've ever had'

For chef Gabrielle Hamilton, much of cooking is about making do with the leftovers. Once ingredients are used, the remaining scraps can be a culinary gold mine. In this video, Hamilton displays one of her scavenging techniques by frying up some sardine spines.

"Whenever we use any fresh sardine, we save the spine ... because you can make the most delicious, well, french fry that you've ever had in your whole life, " Hamilton says. The process is simple. She soaks the spines in milk, dredges in flour, and drops them into hot oil. Once they're golden brown and crunchy, the chef seasons with salt and smoked paprika. Hamilton touts the preparation as Spanish fare, but admits it's a specialty that remains in the kitchen.

"That is cooks' snack, right there," Hamilton says. "Not for sale. I don't want to make this for sale. This is garbage. If this never makes it to the table, it's fine. It can be just for us."