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'The Walking Dead' Creator Says No to Proposed Zombie-Themed Restaurant

Robert Kirkman is trying to protect his trademark

Jesse Grant/Getty Images

As if this day doesn't already have enough The Walking Dead drama following Sunday night's episode, the show's creator is now getting embroiled in a trademark battle with some folks in New Jersey who want to open a zombie-themed restaurant, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Robert Kirkman filed summary judgement papers claiming Philip Theodorou, Steven Theodorou, and Anna Theodorou, are "hijaking" his trademark, according to TMZ.

Kirkman and AMC, which produces the show, have previously filed assorted trademarks for The Walking Dead. The documents Kirkman filed against the Theodorous claim their attempts to open such a restaurant and market items including "bottled water, cigars and ashtrays, candles, restaurants, and carpets," (yes, carpets) create a likelihood of confusion with and dilution of the existing Walking Dead trademark.

Other spinoffs of The Walking Dead have gotten off the ground, including this cookbook called The Snacking Dead and this zombie-inspired beer that really does contain brains.