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Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Anthony Bourdain lives a charmed life, and he'll be the first one to admit it; he travels the world for a living, seeing sights that many of us only dream about and, of course, eating some very fine food in the process (not to mention making the occasional Hollywood film cameo). But Bourdain still has plenty of things he'd like to accomplish in his career; for one thing, the CNN host tells Business Insider that he'd love to collaborate with legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.

Richards and Bourdain are both known for living through some pretty wild exploits, but Bourdain's dream day spent hanging out with the musician actually sounds fairly tame: "I’d like to make bangers and mash, and maybe have a meat pie with him," Bourdain is quoted as saying. (Perhaps the Stones can open up a themed bangers and mash kiosk at Bourdain's upcoming NYC food hall? )

Bourdain also tells BI that Richards is "very interested in British naval history," saying, "I’d love to do a show about that with Keith." Are you listening, History Channel execs?

In other news from the mouth of Bourdain: The best-selling author tells the New York Daily News he has "no hate in [his] heart" for Guy Fieri, despite whatever insults he may have hurled in the spiky-haired Food Network star's direction in the past. These days it seems he'd rather focus his comic fury on Donald Trump, telling the Daily News, "Credible hair and something resembling a human skin tone would be a prerequisite [for my vote]."