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Modernist Cuisine’s New Book Will Have 3,000 Photos of Bread

An exhaustive look at the science behind an everyday food

Modernist Cuisine/Official

The Modernist Cuisine team has done it again. The tech-minded, science-focused, culinary company known for producing extensive anthologies and explorations of the food world will launch another epic book, this time about bread.

The promised book, called Modernist Bread: The Art and Science, will dive into the millennia-old process of baking bread, covering its history as well as the science behind it, the ingredients that compose it, and the techniques and recipes that make each loaf its own science project.

As with everything the team behind Modernist Cuisine does, this project took years. They used everything from 3D scanners to electron microscopes to prepare the content for this book, which fills more than 2,000 pages, featuring 3,000 photos, according to a release.

Expect to see Modernist Bread: The Art and Science sometime around March 2017. Past cookbooks include Modernist Cuisine at Home and The Photography of Modernist Cuisine.

Modernist Cuisine has been developing its brand for the past few years. Last Christmas the team built this Gaudí-inspired gingerbread house; they once put on a photography display in San Jose; and one time the team offered an inside look into the toys and tools used in the Modernist Cuisine kitchens/laboratories.