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Italy to Mandate Wine Education for Kids; Watch the Trailer for AMC's New Restaurant Drama

Five things to know today


Happy Monday, humans of the world. Here's what you missed last week. This past weekend, we talked Frito pietortillasa new movie about coffee, and, randomly, Scott Baio. Today's news is a similarly roundabout bunch and includes a preview of David Schwimmer's new show about the NYC restaurant world; wine education in Italy's elementary schools; concerns about Chipotle's potential foray into burgers; and so much more. Read on:

— In brilliant news: Italy wants to mandate wine education in schools. Last week Italian Senator Dario Stefano submitted a bill that would require school children to be taught about the role of wine in the country. "Italy is now the biggest wine producer in the world," Stefano said, "it is our history, and we should be happy and proud to teach our children about it." Wine tasting will not be a part of the curriculum.

— I'm Finally Taking Responsibility and Blaming All My Problems on Processed Foods

— Bloomberg's latest take on Chipotle's foray into the burger world is a warning: "When a fast-expanding restaurant chain can't manage growth, it tends to lose its operational integrity, struggling to keep up the quality that made it popular in the first place." So maybe Chipotle should slow down and take stock before making any rash moves.

— KFC made a big to-do today about what its media machine is labeling "Re-Colonelization." (Odd choice of language, no?) KFC US President Jason Marker said in a release: "To everyone who grew up with the familiar taste of KFC and has turned away from us in recent years, you can come back again. KFC is getting back to the way our founder made chicken - The Hard Way - the right way. We're ensuring every KFC cook understands the Colonel's once patented process that helped make KFC the world's most famous chicken." So it looks like they'll be hand-breading the chicken now? Marker swears "this wasn't a media stunt where our restaurants closed for a few hours." Meanwhile, how will KFC handle new "woody" breasts?

— Here's the first trailer for Feed the Beast, a forthcoming AMC series about opening a restaurant in New York City starring David Schwimmer and Jim Sturgess. The series premieres May 31.

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