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Watch a Clip From 'A Film About Coffee,' a New Documentary

The film will be released on digital HD video on April 5

Attention, coffee nerds and espresso junkies: Brace for a new indie documentary about your precious elixir. A Film About Coffee explores the mystique of specialty coffee, from its origins to the obsession that goes into brewing every cup. The gorgeously shot film takes viewers on a caffeine-fueled journey around the globe, exploring what it takes to get the world's most prized coffees from the tree to your cup. The film was first released in 2014 but now it's available to download and stream at your leisure. Watch as the filmmakers chronicle coffee farmers in Honduras and Rwanda and meet baristas at serious coffee shops in Tokyo, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and New York.

In this clip, see what happens on single origin, family-run coffee farms around the world and watch coffee experts from Portland's Stumptown and San Francisco's Ritual Coffee Roasters explain the difference between "a 99-cent cup of a coffee" and one that costs $4.99. There's an element of the unexpected, which is why coffee is still so ripe for discovery.