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Of Course Guy Fieri Is Lea Michele's Hero

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Will she be the next judge on Guy's Grocery Games?

@guyfieri / @msleamichele

Of course Guy Fieri was at Coachella. Of course he's Lea Michele's hero. Of course Lea Michele was a guest judge on Top Chef in 2013. Of course Lea Michele wrote a lifestyle book back in 2014 in which she wrote, "I never treat my body like a garbage disposal and instead try to feed it only the best possible food." Of course Guy Fieri likes to make nachos in a garbage can.

When he saw Michele's tweet, Fieri saw it as a business opportunity, businessman that he is.

The former Glee star is, or at one point was, a vegetarian. Fortunately, diners, drive-ins, and dives often serve salads and other vegetarian fare. No word on whether Leah wants another cooking show judging gig, but at least the two will be Coachella besties forever.