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How to Prepare Feast-Worthy Leg of Lamb

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Few main dishes are better suited for a dinner party than a leg of lamb; a formidable cut of meat, it makes an impressive and arresting sight on any table, but can be a little daunting to tackle in the kitchen. That's where our friends at ChefSteps, ahem, step in. A food and technology company based in Seattle, ChefSteps is dedicated to demystifying the art of cooking using creative tips and simple tools.

Many factors play into perfecting a leg of lamb, but ChefSteps walks you through all of them: from butchering tricks (pro tip: often buying the whole leg is less expensive than purchasing just the smaller piece, but it does mean you’ll have some breaking apart to do at home), to flavor options, to cooking and serving instructions. Finish the dish with a crispy herb and seed crust and it's sure to be a hit, whatever the gathering.

Watch the video above for a visual how-to, and follow along with the full recipe, here.

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