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LA Breakfast Queen Jessica Koslow Teases Sqirl Cookbook Cover

Here's a first look at the cover

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Jessica Koslow/Official

LA-based chef, businesswoman, and jam entrepreneur Jessica Koslow — of Sqirl Kitchen fame — makes the kind of food we want to eat: Fresh, fruit- and vegetable-forward fare in bold flavors, bright colors, and unexpected combinations that work every time. So it's entirely appropriate that Koslow's first cookbook is called Everything I Want to Eat: Sqirl and the New California Cooking. Here now is a first look at the cover.

As of this past January, the book had a publication date set for 2017; turns out, everything must have come together more quickly than originally planned. The book is now slated to hit shelves on October 4, 2016. Bonus: It can be pre-ordered now.

There's plenty of reason to be excited for Everything I Want to Eat. First off, Koslow won an Eater Award in 2014 for Best Chef. She's also been named a Rising Star by Star Chefs, and was one of 100 chefs in the U.S. to be nominated for Food & Wine's People’s Choice Chef of the Year. James Beard buzz has been building. Locally, in LA, Sqirl — a postage stamp-sized space on an unfashionable street with casual seating and long lines — has been praised by both LA Weekly and Los Angeles magazine as one of the best restaurants in the city.

Everything I Want to Eat will contain 100 recipes, organized into seven chapters, each focused on one ingredient or theme. Recipes for Sqirl mainstays like Koslow's sorrel-pesto rice bowl, burnt brioche toast with ricotta and jam, and butternut squash latkes are included, of course, along with dozens of other, less familiar combinations.

The most exciting thing about the description of Koslow's new book is that it isn't content to call its collection of recipes LA cuisine. Though visitors from other cities are quick to label the avocado-heavy dishes California cuisine, Koslow thinks of her food as simply how we want to eat now. These are dishes based on the farm-to-table flavors Michael McCarty and Alice Waters championed decades ago, yes, but the cuisine as a whole is even more mindful than that. It's about food that "engages all of the senses... and feels fortifying and yet refreshing," as the book's description notes.

Koslow's second book with Abrams Publishing will be all about jam.


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