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Rachael Ray Reveals Her Celebrity Crush, Favorite Movie Theater Snack, More

Plus, her favorite food film ever

One of the Food Network's most popular TV personalities, cookbook author, and magazine editor Rachael Ray is now dabbling in the independent film world. She premieres on Tribeca Shortlist on May 1 as a "Shortlister" — her theme is "A Carnival Ride: Extreme Storytelling." In a new clip provided by Tribeca Shortlist and Outtake, Ray answers a few quick-fire questions, revealing her favorite film (the Godfather I and II), screenplay, movie theater snack (just what we'd expect), celebrity crush (both men and women?), and food-focused film (she calls it "sexy") in one fell swoop. In another clip, Ray highly recommends the gory 1971 French comedy Delicatessen. She calls it "artistically stunning," and "the weirdest movie in the world... it's a horror, dark comedy, science fiction, dystopian, drama... it's just so intense. But it's beautiful, and funny. It's a freak show. It's like a carnival ride for your brain." Unfortunately, Ray does not reveal how she feels about Beyoncé's new spectacular music video-cum-film Lemonade, nor does she comment on the lyric, "Becky with the good hair."