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Craft brewers draw inspiration from all sorts of unusual sources, from the Wu-Tang Clan to pricey black truffles — and now, Broadway shows. Lin-Manuel Miranda's insanely popular hip-hop musical Hamilton, which just won a Pulitzer, has spurred a new craft beer from a brewer in the Bronx called Gun Hill Brewing Co.

The new brew is a collaboration between the craft brewer and two Broadway actors, Mark Aldrich and Jimmy Ludwig, who also host a booze-themed web series under the name Happy Hour Guys; according to the WSJ they dreamt up the idea of Broadway-inspired beers last year — but producers were mostly befuddled by the idea of such a collaboration, at least until the duo approached Hamilton with the idea.

So what does it taste like? The creators wanted something "really drinkable, really accessible" with "a distinctly American quality—specifically, colonial American" so they chose to utilize rye, which was a popular crop for the colonies during the Revolutionary era. (Appropriately, Gun Hill Brewing's website explains that its brewing facility is located just "yards away from Gun Hill, the site of a strategic battle of the Revolutionary War.") The result: Rise Up Rye, a bottled brew that launches this Saturday night and will be available in dozens of New York bars.

No word yet if Rise Up Rye will actually be served at the theater where Hamilton is staged; in any case, maybe Amy Schumer will show up and drop another $1,000 tip on the bartenders.