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Watch: Gordon Ramsay Offers '10 Incredibly Useful Cooking Tips'

Learn from a pro

Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is known for putting professional cooks through the ringer on television, but in this video, he's here to offer some sage advice to the amateur at home. Ramsay serves up 10 tips that are simple, but can improve anyone's home cooking game.

First on the agenda is chopping herbs. Of basil, Ramsay says, "This is a soft herb, so treat it with some respect." If only he could follow his own advice when screaming at terrified chefs during culinary competitions. He also offers techniques for:

  • Quickly ripening fruit
  • Peeling and cutting mango
  • Washing off residue from hot peppers
  • Cooking potatoes
  • Peeling kiwi
  • Cutting bell peppers
  • Determining if pineapple is ripe
  • Scoring meat
  • Keeping food fresh

The video shows a much more helpful — and likable — side of Ramsay, compared to his brash public persona. Lately, he's been making headlines for insulting Girl Scout cookies, including the beloved Thin Mints, and declaring his apparent allergic reaction to vegans.