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This Pizza Box Is Edible, but You Probably Shouldn't Eat It

The latest in stunt foods

These days, anyone with even a little bit of an environmental conscience is making at least a half-hearted effort to reduce their carbon footprint/save the whales/start a compost pile in their backyard/et al. (Climate change, man.) That apparently also includes a Brooklyn pizzeria called Vinnie's, which just blew the internet's collective mind by unveiling a pizza box that's made of pizza:

Of course, such bold claims cannot go unchecked. Deadspin took a long, hard look at this supposed packaging innovation and raised some pointed questions, namely, "What problem does this box even solve?" While it seemingly eliminates the need for a cardboard box, that only holds true if the customer doesn't actually eat the outer "box," which surely will be covered in any number of germs and questionable substances by the time it arrives to their front door.

But a quick glance at the rest of Vinnie's Twitter feed reveals this pizzeria seems to specialize in one-off edible creations designed to go viral rather than actually be sold to customers, such as this purple-cheese pizza in honor of Prince or this Lucky Charms pizza for St. Patrick's Day. But perhaps a big chain with deep pockets and a thirst for innovation (hello, Domino's? Are you there?) will take the edible pizza box idea and run with it.