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The Lemon Emoji Gets a Boost in Popularity, Thanks to Beyoncé

Do not underestimate the power of the Beyhive

Unicode, Beyonce/Facebook

Much like the eggplant emoji, the lemon emoji has now taken on a totally new meaning. That's all thanks to Beyoncé, of course, who debuted her groundbreaking album Lemonade last Sunday on HBO. Fans instantly took to Twitter to marvel at Queen Bey's infidelity-themed visual spectacle — which featured a number of cameos from Serena Williams to New Orleans culinary legend Leah Chase — with many of them using the lemon emoji (often in conjunction with the bee emoji) as shorthand for the new album.

Twitter doesn't support emoji searches — at least, not yet — but as this chart provided by the social media platform shows, there was a huge spike in usage of the lemon emoji coinciding with Lemonade's premiere. According to the company, more than 2 million tweets have included at least one lemon emoji so far this month, with a whopping 62 percent of them tweeted since last Saturday's HBO event.

Twitter Lemon Emoji Chart

Of course, the power of Beyoncé goes far beyond emoji trends: Immediately following the February debut of her video "Formation," seafood chain Red Lobster, which was briefly mentioned in one of the song's verses, saw a huge spike in weekend sales.

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