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Share Your Feelings With a Love Letter Engraved in Chocolate

Heartfelt and delicious

Noteworthy Chocolates/Facebook

Chocolates and love notes are staples of Valentine's Day, and a new startup wants to allow lovers to kill two birds with one stone — there's nothing more romantic than efficiency, apparently. Noteworthy Chocolates uses lasers to engrave writings on "chocolate stationary," and a recently launched Kickstarter campaign to help fund the venture has raised $13,000 from more than 200 contributors.

Noteworthy Chocolates founders Michael and Jennifer Sauvageau say they're using Fair Trade Certified chocolate with cacao sustainably sourced from Ecuador. The engravings are done with a food-certified laser machine that is used only for chocolate, and "no chocolate is harmed" in the process, according to the Kickstarter page. Notable Chocolates offers notes engraved on three varieties: dark, milk, and white.

Eighteen days remain in the campaign, and the Sauvageaus aim to raise a total of $27,000. Acceptable donations range from $3, which is rewarded with an image of a chocolate "thank you" note, to $7,500, which comes with "the perfect chocolate experience" for a wedding, gala, or other celebration.

Watch Noteworthy Chocolate's Kickstarter video to get more insights into the project.