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Pepsi Emojis Have Arrived to Corporatize Your Text Messages

Emoji overload


Highly specific beverage emojis are apparently having a moment: Starbucks just launched its own emoji keyboard that includes everything from cake pops to a unicorn sipping a Frappuccino, and now Pepsi has followed suit.

The beverage giant just made its PepsiMoji keyboard available for download via the iOS App and Google Play stores, and strangely enough the Pepsi logo only appears in a few of the three dozen or so icons; the others are either weirdly specific (a chihuahua in a purse?) or already represented by the regular emoji keyboard (car, dolphin, soccer ball, unicorn, et al). They're also a pain to use, at least on an iPhone: After downloading and enabling the emoji keyboard, you have to paste them into text messages and you can only use one per line. (Select Pepsi emojis will also appear on limited-edition soda bottles this summer.)

Pepsi Emojis

Nonetheless, thank goodness for the constantly evolving world of emoji: Now we can tell friends we've got to get our pet unicorn a Pepsi before we can meet them at Starbucks to discuss Kim Kardashian's butt over Frappuccinos without having to type a single word.

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