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Marks & Spencer

The Western world loves its drive-thru windows and convenience foods (hello, frozen pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches). But sometimes such products strike a nerve, such as Whole Foods' recent foray into selling pre-peeled oranges. The latest culprit to cue social media outrage? Pre-cut avocados sold at UK grocer Marks & Spencer, as The Guardian reports.

"Customers love an avocado, but they’re sometimes not the easiest to prepare. So we’ve done the messy bit for them and created a ready sliced, fully ripened option," a rep for M&S says. Not everyone is appreciative of the gesture, however:

While Whole Foods claimed its pre-peeled oranges were a "mistake" and pulled them from its shelves, some argued that the controversy was an issue of ableism. Though pre-cut fruits packaged in plastic may seem like convenience gone too far and a complete disregard for the environment to some, for others who have disabilities that affect their mobility it could be a matter of convenience and genuinely helpful.

But while the Guardian argues pre-cut avocado seems no different from grocers selling pre-torn lettuce or already-chopped fruit salad, the delicate nature of an avocado's flesh means it's not particularly well-suited to being cut ahead of time. (M&S does account for that, however, telling Mashable "the atmosphere inside the packaging is adjusted to help extend freshness, and therefore prevent any browning.")

Of course, there's always the possibility that Marks & Spencer witnessed the Whole Foods controversy and wanted to drum up some free publicity.

Are avocado toast Lunchables in our future? A millennial can dream.